on simply gathering

Tonight I met with three dear friends – sisters with whom I have shared more than I could recount, with whom I have journeyed through good and through hard places. Two have recently moved cities – countries, even – and the third is leaving soon, so this was the first time we had gathered together in a long time.

As the excitement of reunion, knocking over of wine glasses through full on hugs and the essential catch-up-on-facts gave way to the rich, the this-is-where-I-truly-am, I felt my heart thaw and breathe deep. We savoured the minutes-turned-hours long after plates had been emptied and the lights dimmed. We discovered things about each other that even after all this time we didn’t know. We let our guards down and showed each other who we are, not whom it would be safe to be. Continue reading

how we pick our battles

how we pick our battles

I picked this because it’s one of my favourite girl-photos from my time in Uganda. I like the angle of her head and the clothes which add motion to the picture. I like that it seems like she’s about to fist bump me and can hear her laughing.

I chose this image of a girl because I was wondering today about how we need to fight the small battles as well as the big ones when it comes to speaking up for women and girls. Continue reading