on vulner-ability


Vulnerability. Risk taking. Bravery. These words I have held close to my heart, readily dished out as I talked with friends . How I have tried, oh I have tried, to be intentional about living more deeply into these things. Being more of these things.

Fast forward to early evening in Paris. Weak light filters through the windows. We lie eyes closed, stealing glances every few minutes. We’re of course staring at each other through these half-closed eyes until we both catch eyes at the same time and are forced to acknowledge the silence. Continue reading

dreaming back from the start


As he told me about his new Big Vision, his wild dreams, I wanted to cheer him on from the bottom of my heart. The desire to cheer was, for once, louder than the more familiar one to voice my doubts and suspicion. I was shocked in that moment about how so often my knee-jerk reaction is to pick holes and hand out a dose of supposed realism. Perhaps I was feeling sentimental, because today – the dreamer won out. Continue reading

her voice

My little sister is about to sing her first ever solo open mic night in Tokyo tonight. At 17, she’s hardly little anymore but I’ve never been good at remembering that – as she will attest to with a well-practised roll of the eyes. I feel a twinge of regret that I won’t be there to see her and clap and squeal more loudly than anyone else, but also reminded of how great it is that I can cheer her on from the other side of the world, through whatsapp, through prayer and through this thought thrown out into the blogosphere.

My sister is SO BEAUTIFUL! Of course I’m biased etc etc but that’s not really what this is about. Because through any lens, she is beautiful, as we all are. Made perfect in His image, Christ’s kiss sealed on her heart. And I have been so humbled and proud of her as she made this adventure to Japan on my parents’ coat-tails, as the only child still living at home with them. Starting American school, being thrust into a world of new accents, school lockers, basketball teams, promposals, friends with maids, APs, long bike rides every morning and electronic babies. Good for you, sister, I always tell people I don’t think I could have done it as well as you have, and you should be so aware of your courage. Continue reading