NW Emerald Lake

My name is Naomi. The name gives a clue as to the English and Japanese in me but my favourite thing about it is the Hebrew meaning: ‘pleasant’ – a reminder that somehow I am pleasing to my heavenly Father. I am continually turned upside down by this.

Until recently I’ve been a prison lawyer and I’ve loved seeing what God is up to in these darkest of places.

I believe in: Jesus as my friend, Saviour and upside down Teacher. A full life but learning that this doesn’t mean bursting at the seams. Following where the laughs and tears lead – I believe both tell us quite a bit about ourselves. Thankfulness.

I’m ridiculously grateful: To be living in community with three of my favourite women in East London who ask the ‘tough-love’ questions, choose grace, have the best conversations on the staircase and crack out the Macklemore dancing in PJs at 2am.

I have a soft spot for: Homemade rosemary bread. Donald Miller. Full-on hugs. Surprise letters from far away. Strong coffee and/or Oolong tea. Writing about faith and flailing in this spot.

My heart is a little bit in the bustle of London where I live, a little bit in the cherry-tree’d loveliness of Japan with  my family, and a bit in the steamy banana fields of East Africa which keep calling me back.

I’d love to make you a cup of coffee and chat – but in the absence of the coffee I’d love to just hear your thoughts — book recommendations, poetry and stories which have moved you, places and people which have inspired you, testimonies of grace…whatever makes you wonder.


Does that mean that all roads lead to you?

Not at all. But it does mean that I will walk down any road to find you. // The Shack

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