why do we choose less than Promise?


Why do I choose eyes half shut and feel surprised when things seem grey and I have no vision?

Why do I choose heart half closed and wonder why I can’t love; why my words tear down more than build up?

Why do I choose hands half clenched and feel surprised when they are empty at day’s end?

Why do I choose seconds upon minutes upon hours of procrastination and wonder why my roots are so covered in sediment that Light can’t nourish them anymore. Then blame you for my brown-edged blossom. Though really I know I blame myself. Shame seals the sediment, and I accept the half-life.

And then there it is. Life in grace can begin.

Life in the Promise is there – the sweetest nectar. Why do I choose less-than-promise? It is so easy. Promise is there and it is won but a battle against the lure of ease, procrastination and fear. And one minute after another, we accept less-than and that drives out fullness.

This week I long to claim and re-claim the fullness of Promise daily, and know that it is not to a half-inheritance to which you have called me but full possession.

Open eyes. Open heart. Open hands. Eyes closed and heart ablaze on the tube in the morning.

Muscles warming up!

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