how we pick our battles

how we pick our battles

I picked this because it’s one of my favourite girl-photos from my time in Uganda. I like the angle of her head and the clothes which add motion to the picture. I like that it seems like she’s about to fist bump me and can hear her laughing.

I chose this image of a girl because I was wondering today about how we need to fight the small battles as well as the big ones when it comes to speaking up for women and girls. Continue reading

on the legal aid cuts

Q sought our assistance with sentence planning whilst detained in a Category B prison on the Isle of Wight. Having recently been granted Category D status – effectively a ticket to an open prison which facilitates the process of effective resettlement into the community – he was keen to arrange for this transfer as soon as possible. Continue reading


I arrived to find files on my desk which used to be K’s, because she left yesterday. It was sad, but punctuated the end of a long, drawn out battle which neither side wanted to fight anymore. Peace seemed to have returned.

I looked at the scrap of paper attached to these files though – ‘this is a bit of a mess’…’Not sure what’s gone on here, you may need to abort and start again’… Continue reading

breaking the cycle

So this morning Hannah and I had decided that we would run.

There was a power in deciding to break the cycle of apathy and grumpiness together – after feeling so alone in it – and choosing to pick each other up. [We are so made to live in community!] So much of what we were feeling – or not even feeling in the general numbness – was bound up in fear. Fear that having not gone in such a long time our bodies wouldn’t be able to handle it and we’d end up in a heap. Fear that to try is to fail. Fear that nothing I do is of significance anyway so it’s silly to try. A-well-worn-ease in sitting and thinking about doing something as opposed to taking a leap. Continue reading