open or closed?

For the shellfish to be prised open to reveal the edible treasure inside, they first had to be thrown into the fire and left for 10 minutes. They were charred on the outside and only looked good to be thrown out. But slicing them open, steam billowed out and the fish inside had cooked to perfection, giving delight to all. Similarly, the beautiful swordfish was expertly sliced with a sharp knife, straight through the heart, in order to reach the good flesh within. The peach, the satsuma, the kaki…all of the juicy flesh within can only be reached by slicing with a sharp knife through the tough, hard skin surrounding it.

Oh that the master Chef would keep going deeper – and that I would have the courage to open, not close from the pain. That requires a faith that the Chef will turn grief into grace, mourning into dancing, tears into streams that water the earth.

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