jesus, our multiplier

On Thursday morning, I felt weary; my resources had been depleted. As I was driving the kids to school, I was carrying the needs, seeing the lack of resources and having my eyes fixed on the hungry and hurting multitudes. I was still thinking about the story in John 6.

Then, just as I was about to make a left turn into the campus, I became aware of this:
The multiplication is not your job. That is not your responsibility.

I felt the heaviness slide off my shoulders.

Your job is to bring what you have.

Miraculous Multiplication = Not. My. Job?

Phew. For a week there, I’d forgotten that.

I’d forgotten that all I have to do is share my lunch with the crowd.

I chewed on that all day:

– About not having my eyes fixed on the need; but keeping my eyes on Jesus, the miraculous multiplyer.
– Not questioning what I have and whether it is enough, but to bring whatever I have.
I can’t help but ask myself: What if the little boy had said, There’s no way my little lunch could feed a whole crowd. Or what if he didn’t value his offering and withheld it? Instead, he simply trusted it to Jesus’ hands.

It’s so humbling and simple, really–this strategy to feed a whole, hungry multitude. All I have to do is bring my lunch.

To bring:
– That which sustains me.
– That which nourishes me.
– That which feeds me.

I don’t have to do everything. I just have to see what’s in my hands. To ask: What will feed me? And if someone from my crowd asks for it, to offer it up, so we may all have enough. Feasts are, after all, about eating together; never alone.

Thoughts on Jesus the multiplier

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