by the wishing well

Whilst being prayed for this summer, someone I didn’t know said that there is a place where I go sometimes, could be real or metaphorical, to be just me and God. He said it is like a wishing well, where I go and pour out my heart into the depths, a protected place of complete stillness. And that God loves it! Immediately I thought of a pool of water in a clearing, surrounded by tall pines and bathed in the light that breaks through the tree cover.

Later on in summer, I think I went there – physically – although it looked slightly different than I imagined. I was so blessed with chances to experience God in a new way as Creator this summer – from the Ugandan Rwenzoris at sunset to the untouched serenity of the Kenyan coastline, to spine like ridges which snaked on forever and made me short of breath by their magnificence in the Canadian Rockies. God is an awesome Creator! Psalm 104 took on a fresh meaning for me:

‘When you send your Spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the ground’ (v.30)

There were so many opportunities to be still and know Him as God – both physically and spiritually.

I feel I’m in need of some renewal. And I know it will only come when I be still – allow myself to know He is God. But it’s so easy to lose sight of the awesome Creator God of Psalm 104, for whom heaven is throne and earth a footstool when consumed by life in the tumult of London.  And yet it doesn’t really feel like life  when there is no stillness. In all the busyness I feel like I am sleepwalking.

I need to be still. To not ‘schedule in’ my time by the wishing well but to turn my heart to it second by second. To then carry it in my heart so that awareness of Him as God – Creator, Father, Teacher, Shepherd, Healer – infuses my every move and every thought and spills over into the lives around me. To accept that it is in unclenching our grip that our hands can be truly filled with true Life from the well.

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