vanity, vanity

Reading Ecclesiastes 1. By looking beyond the sun, God gives meaning to what lies beneath it. Without doing that, we are trapped in a sense of enjoying tings which God is by no means opposed to. Friendships, family, work, success..but without looking beyond it first and foremost seeking Jesus first, we have no choice but to see it through our own eyes and vision, which keeps it seeming ‘utterly meaningless’. These things come and go and always have done. How amazing that God asks us not to come up with clever answers but simply to look upwardsin faith, and he floods all that’s beneath with purpose, life and meaning. Big challenge for me at the moment.

by the wishing well

Whilst being prayed for this summer, someone I didn’t know said that there is a place where I go sometimes, could be real or metaphorical, to be just me and God. He said it is like a wishing well, where I go and pour out my heart into the depths, a protected place of complete stillness. And that God loves it! Immediately I thought of a pool of water in a clearing, surrounded by tall pines and bathed in the light that breaks through the tree cover. Continue reading